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We believe everyone can work wonders with flowers, let your creativity flows!


We also work with strong partners and compliment each others, beautiful flowers and plants.

Lush Urban

We believe lifestyle should be simple, simple and minimum cares for plants using Midorie technology from Japan, allow soil replacement for your plants, be it indoor or outdoor. They also specialist in Wall Plants implementations.

Sunmore Enterprise

One of the major player in secullant industry, they have one of the most comprehensive collections of secullant plants, house under the Pudu Ria’s glass room, provide the best environment for healthy secullant for your needs.

Freesia A Trading

We have vast varieties of paper wraps to fit most of the requirements and drive your creativity to next level.

Frozen Tree

One of the best in town, Terrarium specialist, thousands of terrarium creations for past 7 years in the market.

JC Nursery

Air Plants are plants need no soil. Easy to care and excellent for decor and indoor with decent sunlight.


The online flowers bouquets, flower stands or custom orders.

PuduRia Florist #2 cymbidium (兰花)

Cymbidium兰花 12 Jan 2018 Cymbidium (兰花) or boat orchid. A part of the orchid family, cymbidiums are posh flowers that have distinctively larger blooms with pointed edged petals, and a patterned lip. In Asia, many believe that it is an honor to receive cymbidiums as a...

PuduRia Florist #1 Eustoma (洋桔梗)

Flowers in 1 minutes Flower // Eustoma (洋桔梗) Eustoma // Lisianthus 12 Jan 2018 Eustoma (洋桔梗), commonly known as lisianthus or prairie gentian. The Eustoma flower is Rose like flowers, takes its name from ancient Greece, where the flower was popular as a love charm....


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