The nature of the plant is such that it has no leaves but many many small white buds upon long stems, making it look like a sky full of stars. 

They grow in sandy, dry soil.  Gysophila actually means chalk-loving and this name comes from the conditions preferred by the baby’s breath plant. 
They last quite long too and, even if they start to wilt just a little, it’s not all that noticeable since they are so small. The name is derived from the fact that all the flowers in this family thrive on soil high in gypsum, a mineral that makes the soil too and heavy for many other types of plants.

The common tiny white flowers represent the purity of emotion that two people should have for each other during a wedding ceremony.

While you likely know the bright white variety best, there are pink and light blue types too. A baby’s breath flower can be used not only for wedding arrangements, but also for baby shower gifts. In most cases this flower is a symbol of love and innocence. Now we can tell you the message that the baby’s breath flower is giving to us. This flower is telling us that most important is to be with our loved ones and to be dedicated to our family.

The first thing you can do now is to buy a baby’s breath flower for your home because it will certainly make it beautiful and it will bring good vibrations into your life. Meanwhile, Baby’s Breath makes a very nice dried flower that can be used to decorate any thing from wreaths to craft projects and what you prefer.

The colors of the rainbow all have their own unique beauty. Each has its own meaning and each invokes feelings and beliefs unique to each of them.

满天星英文名为baby’s breath。一般被说成是配角。满天星,原名为重瓣丝石竹,又名六月雪,每当初夏无数的花蕾集结于枝头,花细如豆,每朵5瓣,洁白如云,略有微香,有如万星闪耀,满挂天边。如果远眺一瞥,又仿佛清晨云雾,傍晚霞烟,故又别名“霞草”。 






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