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Flower // Eustoma (洋桔梗)
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Eustoma // Lisianthus
12 Jan 2018

Eustoma (洋桔梗), commonly known as lisianthus or prairie gentian.


The Eustoma flower is Rose like flowers, takes its name from ancient Greece, where the flower was popular as a love charm. It’s very popular and one of the top flowers in the international market.




This blossom means a long and happy life for someone. As you will show them with appreciate for peace and joy in your life. With Eustoma to present your hearthfelt emotions towards someone else.


Eustoma represent sweetness and kindness towards others and yourself. Stoma is the second part of the name and it means mouth, so the flower is really called a good mouth. Other common names for this flower include Stock, Gillyflower, and Virginia gilly.




 It’s the perfect flower for using in wedding, birthday, and party bouquets for this reason. Aside from joy, you can also use this.  as well. It’s ideal for convincing someone that you’re charismatic or recognizing the social skills of other people.




Of course, the color meaning varies greatly.  Yellow Eustomas provide the strongest message of joy and happiness, while orange and white blossoms work wonderfully as gifts for friends.



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洋桔梗又名草原龙胆, 现代的洋桔梗栽培是在日本兴旺起来的 。洋桔梗原产美国内布拉斯加州和得克萨斯州。喜温暖、湿润和阳光充足。较耐寒,不耐水湿。









“Very popular in Japan flower market”
PuduRia Florist #1 Eustoma (洋桔梗) 2
Eustoma (洋桔梗)
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PuduRia Florist #1 Eustoma (洋桔梗) 3
Eustoma (洋桔梗)
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PuduRia Florist #1 Eustoma (洋桔梗) 4
Eustoma (洋桔梗)
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PuduRia Florist #1 Eustoma (洋桔梗) 5
Eustoma (洋桔梗)
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